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I thought in my early stages of blogging I would talk about my personal Fashion influences. This is my way of helping you understand my personal styles, influences and general preferences.  I will tell you how I came into fashion and where I get my influences from.

How I got into fashion:

I first got into fashion around 4/5 years ago. When I say I got into fashion, I mean it in the sense I started to explore the industry and creativity at this point. I have always had a love for clothes, but had never taken it seriously. What I mean by this is that I would just throw on any item of clothing, without the care in the world to how it looks and what works well with each other. A few years down the line I have grown more of an understanding of what works well with what and started to be incredibly picky from the materials, silhouette designs and to what I’m wearing it for. I think being around friends who had been working on the own clothing brand sparked my love for fashion. By being around it more, I took way more interest and I have never looked back.

I believe fashion is a massive part of everyone’s life whether they think so or not. Not one person goes through life without having a fashion identity of their own. It all stems from your interest and the crowd that you’re with – That determines your fashion statement, for example a stereotypical lawyer is well-known for their smart attire, ‘Suited and booted’, and then you get your gothic character who would dress in all black attire which is your more ‘Doom and gloom’ look. That is why I love fashion, because every person has an identity and the ability to express themselves through what they wear and how they wear it. Self-expression these days has grown so much and I don’t think there is a better time to get involved in the industry. With everyone having the opportunity to showcase; their designs, their Art, Their creativity and their vision, through social media platforms where the whole of planet earth can see are beautiful in a way. The power of social media has helped everyone to be a lot freer and courageous to showcase what they want. That is one of the main reasons I enjoy the creativity and appreciation for amazing pieces.

Favourite Brands and why:

For me in terms of being connected to a designer or brand I need to see originality in all respects (minimal details/themes/messages) and the general ethos of the brand. The brands that stand out to me would be the likes of Wales Bonner, Craig green, Raf Simons (Raf more so as we share a name) and Represent, to name a few.

Wales Bonner is one of my favourite designers to keep up to date with in terms of looking at her work. The thing that strikes me how much of an involvement it has with the African heritage and traditions (me being biased I guess). I love how the runway pieces and editorials capture a culture that is different to the typical European, ‘western’ individual. The thing that I admire so much is also the use of Black models which a few years ago you wouldn’t have seen many. It gives the fashion industry a boost in confidence in allowing and using more ethnic (Black males/females) in their shows as a focal point. For me to be able to do that and have such a positive influence it makes me feel privileged to be able to witness and see such great work.

Moving on to Represent clothing. Represent is one of the first designers where I began to acknowledge and appreciate fashion. I got introduced to the brand through a good friend and since then I have been a big fan. From buying my first Represent garment, (black speckled T-shirt Pre AW14) to seeing them grown and enhance their quality in material to producing fine luxury street wear silhouettes. The growth of Represent has been outstanding to the point where they have their own factories, a big fan base globally, and to high-profile fans with the likes of Gallucks and famous Rappers wearing the pieces. For me their products have inspired me to explore all sorts of designs and I would say was the pinnacle moment when I knew I was interested in fashion and my style.

Style influence:

In terms of style influences I like to think I have a range of different style influences. One of my main inspirations would be Asap Rocky’s fittings and pieces. I feel over the years Rocky has brought the fashion scene into a new level. From the way he dresses to how he layers clothes and accessories. His overall image and aesthetic is an influence into how I like to dress. I love how it is always a clean look and everything compliments each other very well. One of the biggest things that inspire me about Asap Rocky is his skin care routine. I appreciate how much as a rapper he takes full care of himself which isn’t the norm in terms of rappers behaviour. That why I try to keep myself, well looked after as well.

I also get my personal style from various other celebrities as such, such as; will smith (more so as the fresh prince), Gallucks – I appreciate the cleanness of his outfits to the diverse choices and bravery of some of the pieces he wears. He is a big inspiration of the sort of work I would love to produce myself one day. I also get inspiration from the likes of the cast of PAQ, a phenomenon in British youth culture and fashion. Their wacky dress sense (Astro boy) to the versatility is brilliant to see as it motivates me to try things out of the norm.





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