Winter Wear

It has come to that time of the year where the temperature drops, just in time to get out the thicker and heavier attire to keep you warm.

Its winter season!

I had woken up today with an outfit in my head, until I saw outside. It was incredibly icy and with only 20 minutes to get ready, as well as de-ice the car it meant I had to adjust the outfit I had in mind to suit the weather conditions better. As you can imagine, being in such a rush it meant I forgot a few things. What a horrible start to the day (forgetting earphones for the gym & Wallet).

I personally love winter fashion the most because you can be as versatile and as creative as you chose to be. The thing that I love most about it is how you can layer clothes, put on big jackets and hoodies to keep you warm and cosy. I feel that you more freedom and style choices when it gets colder as your out-wear attire (Coats/jackets) are very important. As well as deciding on what shoes will go with the look. Once you’ve got the most important parts sorted you have to sort of fill in the gap with the bottoms and upper body wear such as shirts or jumpers etc. where as in the summer it’s a lot simpler because you are wearing less clothing.

From my attire today I had picked the outfit in contrast with the weather to make it practical and then on what mood I was in determined the sort of look I went for. Below is an outline of what I went for and just a brief on what items I picked.



The overcoat worn in this photo is a 60’s vintage overcoat. It has a brilliant shape and fit around the shoulders, coming down to a good arm’s length. The coat comes to just above knee-length, which I feel is the height you want an overcoat to be at. Its silhouette is brilliant as it can be worn for both formal occasions as well as a more relaxed casual setting. This coat is one of my favourite pieces because of the fitting which is perfect to my body shape; it also looks great in different outfits which means I can wear it on a regular occasion during the winter (Can’t beat a bit of versatility).

For me the first time I saw this jacket it caught my eye straight away and that’s the best way to shop in my eyes, by only purchasing ones that speak to you in a sense (bit deep). I had found this jacket in my favourite vintage store in London (Nordic Poetry, Box Park).

H&M Jeans:

A good pair of denim jeans is always one of the hardest items of clothing to find in my eyes. I am one of those people who have a weird body proportion. With my figure I have an average waist size (W32 men’s), but big chunky legs. That is a big issue when buying any forms of trousers or jeans. It means that I have to size up so my legs have breathing space in any bottoms. It is a pain that I have to live with, but I guess fashion is about working with what you have. So when it comes to buying bottoms I generally go for H&M jeans as they seem to fit me the best compared to somewhere like Topman. Having said that, if I do manage to find a pair of jeans from Topman that fit me well (Not suffocate my legs) then I would happily go for them, as I love their aesthetic and quality in material.

Fred Perry Boots:

Leather boots seem to have come back into fashion over the last year. Various brands have included them in their collections such as Represent. The whole image around the leather boot is a sense of British punk culture. I am not the most educated on punk culture but I personally love the creativeness of the punk style (obviously watched, This Is England). My first leather boot would be these Fred Perry’s, which have a great shape and design. I love the brand patch on the side and the tag on the top of the heel (Similar to the Dr Martens). The things I like about boots are the fact that once worn in and overused they still have a good character to it unlike wearing most trainers. The boots give the outfit an edge I believe that make it look a bit bolder.


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