Night Owl Grooming

Today I have sat down and tried to think of things to write about which I would enjoy myself,  as well as be of interest to other humans on planet earth.  It must have been around 10 A.M that I sent a text to my beautiful lady to give me some ideas on topics. The response I got what a fantastic idea (accessories) but I didn’t have much of a collection so it would have been hard to. So that’s where I came up of with concept of writing about male grooming and my personal Night time routine.

Male Grooming opinions:

I personally feel that over that past decade, male grooming has intensified so much and become more of a social norm to see a well-groomed and well looked after male. With the likes of David Beckham being a pioneer in the male grooming revolution (it’s not that deep!). I feel guys take it a lot more seriously in terms of using beauty products and having beauty regimes.  For me I feel everyone has the responsibility to look after themselves as well as they can weather it is beauty, fitness or diet. For me personally I can’t start the day without moisturising or cleaning myself up. It just brings a whole new level of self-confidence and inner positivity once you make the effort to look ‘Good’.

Night Time Routine: (All products will be shown after this section)

My night-time routine consists of a few things, first thing I would do is of course brush my teeth. Once I have brushed them for a few minutes I would then use my wash (If I have any available) and swish that around for a 30 second period.  From then on my mouth and teeth are feeling a lot fresher and I can move onto my face. If I have applied a face mask prior to doing my teeth, I would use a charcoal face wash to get rid of excess dirt and to tighten the skin as such. Once that’s been completed I would rinse off and then moisturise my face and the rest of my body. Finally just before going into the bedroom, I would apply a coconut moisturiser to my hair, which helps to keep it healthy and in great condition. At this point I am feeling so clean and ready for bed. One thing I have included more into my night-time routine is Applying a coconut lip serum to my lips to make sure they’re in good condition for the following day. That has become even more important now its winter and your lips get battered and bruised from the weather.

bull dog face wash

Bull Dog, face wash – I only apply in the mornings  

charcoal toothpaste.jpg

Dr. Organic, Charcoal toothpaste – It includes activated charcoal which helps to deep cleanse

Coconut Curling Cream

Cantu, moisturing curling cream – I apply just before bed and wash off the following morning

Coconut lip syrum

Dr. Organic, coconut lip serum – Applied in the evenings as it is a thick coat.

L'oreal men expert

L’oreal Men expert, charcoal face wash – This one is applied in the evenings for a deep face cleanse and a slight skin tighten. 

Manuka Honey face mask.jpg

Dr. Organic, Manuka honey face mask – Applied once a week. 


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