Mirror Mirror

Its been a few days now since I have last uploaded. Being the festive season it has meant that work has become a lot more hectic, as well as working on projects. 2017 is coming to a close end and to be honest its been a hell of a year.

For 2018 I am hoping to get a lot more quality content and photography done. after waking up today i have already got the great news that i will be attending a few shows in January. Being lucky enough to gain invites to the London fashion week menswear, i am well and truly ecstatic ( Minor understatement). It will be my first experience of what fashion week is about. ONLY A FEW WEEKS TO GO!

So today I thought i would upload an outfit picture which i had taken a few days ago. This is a concept i wish to incorporate once a week.


Outfit items:

  • Levis – Denim Jacket
  • Hugo Boss – Black, Short sleeve T-Shirt
  • H&M – Black denim Jeans
  • Dr. Martens – Shoes
  • Versus Versace – Lions Head Necklace

If you enjoyed this post and have your out of the day, feel free to post it in the comments below.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


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