Winter Pick Ups…

Merry Christmas And Have A Happy New year everyone!

Christmas was amazing with my girlfriend and her family. This Christmas I have been spoilt rotten. I’m not really one for gifts as I don’t expect anyone to buy me a thing. The company of others is what makes me happy, and that is all I care about. So all in all, I am very grateful for everything positive in my life.

I hope you all had a fantastic time with your loved ones. The New Year is approaching and I thought whilst I have some lovely new pieces to my collection I would share them with you guys (Most of these will be in my London fashion week Outfits).

Dr. Martens – Combat Boot

These boots caught my eye straight away (first seen on black Friday), I became instantly attracted and attached. It is a beautifully crafted canvas boot, with a brilliant shape to it. The attention to detail on this construction is simple yet elegant in its own right. The yellow stitching between the sole and the body of the shoe compliments one another exceptional (as does all docs). Once I had tried these on, I felt that my feet were standing on pillows. They have to be one of the comfortable pair of boots I have tried on for sure.

Zara man – Trousers 

Boxing day sales was the day in which I found these. It was my mission from the get go that I would hunt for some nice trousers, ready for Fashion week (Just over a week to go!). For me going into Zara is a very rare occurrence (Normally go in with my partner), mainly because I find that the Norwich store isn’t very organised in my eyes. As well as they don’t have stuff that appeal to me usually. Well this occasion I found these black trousers which has a white strip along the side of the trouser. The thing that attracted it to me was how clean and seamless the design was. It felt amazing in terms of material and fits perfectly. I love how simple it is as simplicity and minimalism has become an ever grown part of my choices. The trouser sits perfectly on the waist. The trouser has a zip and a snap button which fasten the trouser.

All Saints – vector shoes

These are my first piece from All Saints. I am a very big fan of the brand because of how edgy and different the brand is compared to my usual. I was very happy to spot these on their sale, so without hesitation is snatched them. I had been waiting days for these to arrive, due to Christmas and its crazy postal period. I love the shape and detail on the shoes very much. From the silhouette to the design, and the cross over between, sued leather and the buckle instead of laces. once tried on, they were a sung fit ( need breaking in). I will be styling those with the Zara trouser and they’re a great match. Who know it could even be my New years Attire.

Thank You for reading my post. I hope you liked the pieces as much as i do.

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