Fashion Frenzy – LFWM

Good day all, I hope you have all had a wonderful start to the year. It is the week I have been looking forward to for a while now…. London Fashion Week Mens!!

This week begins the fashion week frenzy. I am going to be attending a few shows this weekend. This is going to be my first encounter ( Hopefully many more ) with fashion week and shows. It has been a nervy few weeks prior to this, wondering if I would get any invitations. But i have managed to secure some spots which i am ver pleased about.

I am looking forward to spending the weekend in London ( Friday – Sunday) as it has been a while since i last went to visit. London will give me lots of great opportunities to take some brilliant photography of architecture and outfits over the weekend. I will be looking to upload many photos on my instagram page, as well as potentially do a ‘Instagram Live’.

The shows/events I have managed to get invites to are; Liam Hodges, Tourne de transmission, Chin Menswear and Pronounce by GQ China. All the events are due to commence on the Saturday, beside Pronounce by GQ which is taking place on Monday morning. I am intrigued to see the different clothings being showcased as well as getting a greater Sense of the coming season. After doing some extensive bit of research I can happily say the brands being show cased, have pieces in my opinion which are wearable. There are plenty of pieces I am looking out for in particular with Tourne de Transmission. I am hoping to gain some inspiration of outfits to be worn and use this year.

Liam Hodges:

Liam Hodges is a born and bred British brand. It has a Uk Punk and Street wear image. The clothes they produce are a great representation of the British Street culture. I am a very big fan of these pieces because of it being a home-grown brand that has a very appealing image and personality. With the backing from major publishers and constantly producing a great show during London fashion week. Liam hodges is making a staple name for itself.

Tourne De Transmission:

Tourne de transmission, is again another London-based brand who have cleverly created some amazing pieces included with social meanings and having that rebellious attitude to it. The Name is a Reminder of just how clever the whole concept is, as it is believed to mean ‘Rotating Analogy’. The use of visual contextual, experimenting with sound and texture. For me a brand that has a deeper meaning and influences, get my interest right away ( It is that deep). I love the shapes of the clothing as it gives off a very stylish aesthetic, with its oriental inspiration.

Chin Menswear:

chin menswear is the one design i was not too familiar with when i received my invites. I am intrigued to see what sort of atmosphere this event will have as it is being showcased Late on Saturday. It is a Taiwanese brand looking to bring a fresh perspective to fashion to meet the 21st century gender questions. It tests the boundaries of gender stereotypes and looks to break the rules in that respect. It is a very interesting brand to research about and i am hoping this event will give me a much more authentic insight into the designs and the whole ethos of this brand.

Pronounce By GQ China:

GQ china illustrating this show will always give fashion lovers amazingly beautiful collections to look at. I am very much anticipating brilliant work to be produced and hopefully I will be able to capture some of my favourite Pieces from the show.

Thank You for reading. Are you going to fashion week or have a particular designer you’re looking forward to seeing, make sure to comment below what your thoughts are.

You can follow all the action i am involved with over the weekend via;

  • Instagram: Rafa_yyele_
  • Twitter: Rali_blogs
  • Snapchat: Rafayyele.a

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